Roustabout Jobs: Finding High-Income Offshore Jobs

by Michael Pinker on February 6, 2010

Roustabout Jobs Offshore JobsI guess if you were lured by the title of this article it means that you already know what Roustabout Jobs and offshore jobs in general mean and probably you are even thinking of finding one. I will explain to you how can you successfully find them, but before that let me shortly tell you what does Roustabout Jobs mean, in case you lack that knowledge or at least you are not sure what it actually encompasses.

A Roustabout Job is an entry-level offshore job position on oil rigs. It is pretty difficult and physically consuming as one has to paint, clean the rig or even mix the drilling mud, move the equipment all over the rig etc. Indeed it sounds really “dirty” job but do not forget that it is an entry-level position and it is paid well (around $50.000-60.000 a year). It is also suitable for those who do not posses qualifications such as being an engineer or a technician but still want to get an offshore job. The bottom-line is that education is not a determinant factor for such a job. Actually, many start working on an oil rig as a roustabout and later move to some other offshore jobs. Moreover large number of vacancies is announced every month and there is shortage of people. So no worries, the belief according to which it is more and more difficult in getting an offshore job in oil or gas industry is not completely valid. There are still many opportunities and they are waiting for you.

In addition, with the right attitude at the Roustabout Jobs and if you are hardworking the employer company will be more than glad in training you for a higher position. So, there is a real chance for advancement even if you start as a roustabout.

Now let’s talk about how you can get such an offshore job. Many people are very hesitant when reading an advertisement of a site that deals with offshore jobs positions. Believe it or not such sites do have a rich database on such opportunities. The thing that you have to do is just find the right one. I want to recommend you the

Why is good? Well, let me start by saying that if you become a register at this site you get your CV/resume sent to more than 1200 employer-companies activating in US and worldwide within the gas and oil industry. Actually, they help you in writing your CV for free. So if you are smart enough and want to get an offshore job as quickly as possible do not hesitate to

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If you are not convinced I recommend you to read this article to check all the benefits that this site offers.

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