High Salary Jobs at Offshore Oil Rigs

by Michael Pinker on June 23, 2010

Offshore Jobs SearchNew graduates seeking for offshore oil jobs often face various problems on the offshore jobs market. Things that entrants are primarily looking for are jobs with good initial salary offering, opportunities to rise quickly, develop expertise and experience and easily move up across career vertical. Employers in this field such as offshore oil rigs set certain standards and rules of conduct for their employees, since these companies are working on a oil extraction that is highly sophisticated task and therefore their employees must possess high level of experience and expertise for working at the offshore oil rig. So for graduates leaving high schools or even universities and colleges looking for offshore oil jobs can shorten time period required to rise in their career and experience by selecting the right initial job.

It is important to realize that offshore oil jobs seekers are usually guided by their short term objectives and these objectives considerable differ from person to person. In other words what applicants want from their first jobs are different for one person and different for another. Some are concerned with high initial salary. In this case getting a job at at the oil rig , where he / she has to work continuously for weeks and even for months may be a good idea. Other graduates seeking offshore oil jobs want to have an opportunity to get experience.

One more important issue to consider while choosing offshore oil jobs is an opportunity to develop career and move upwards across career vertical. The new entrant that starts his/her career at large offshore oil rig has good chance to develop expertise quickly and become a professional in local, regional and state levels. At smaller companies developing career and upward mobility is much more difficult, since there are really very few positions between lowest grade employee and it is physically impossible to move higher.

Another important factor while deciding over offshore oil jobs is the nature of the job an applicant is eager accept. This is about what type of job the employee finds enjoyable. A person may be willing to work directly win the oil extraction and find this opportunity highly attractive and exciting. On the other hand other people may avoid working directly in the oil extraction and apply for an offshore catering jobs that do not involve “direct contact with oil” and is considered to be part of additional services that oil rigs provide for their workers.

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