Entry-level Offshore Jobs Paying $60,000

by Michael Pinker on December 16, 2009

Offshore Jobs SalariesOffshore jobs are often associated with large workload and hard work under severe weather conditions. Besides offshore workers are away from their families for weeks, or even months. This makes offshore jobs quite distinct from any other sphere of activity, therefore as a compensation offshore salaries include extra premium that makes them considerably higher than salaries in any other sector of an economy.

Offshore jobs differ based on the expertise and the experience of the offshore employee and career status. Typically the annual wage for entry-level position ranges from $50,000 to $60,000. This becomes more attractive due to the fact that usually offshore employees works only for 6 months during whole year.

Weekly offshore salaries start range from $800 to $1,000. For instance, Stewarts that are considered to be lowest skilled workers earn $700-$800, while main labor earns $900-$1,100 weekly.

Offshore job openings are mostly concentrated in Canada, Nigeria and Dubai. In Canada oil rigs are mostly present on the coast of Nova Scotia. These oil rigs have frequent job opening and hire for almost all positions. Canadian offshore employers do not require prior experience in oil extraction industry or any special training.

Nigeria oil industry also has frequent offshore jobs openings. Nigerian offshore salaries are considerably higher than offshore salaries in any other country that makes this country highly attractive for offshore jobs applicants.

In USA Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Alaska are considered as offshore jobs centers. Oil rigs are concentrated in Norway, North Sea (United Kingdom), Gulf of Mexico, Kuwait, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Australia is considered to be the one of the most attractive offshore locations with very high wages and significantly low cost of living. Offshore workers often resettle to Australia, or do not come home for the prolonged period of time.

If you are trying to get hired as soon as possible, it is recommended to use services of offshore jobs locator. Usually offshore jobs locators are popular web sites that help you to link you to potential employers. Typically such web sites assist you in creating resume, suiting it to a particular employer and sending your resume to the potential employers.

Offshore jobs web sites serve as intermediaries that work directly with offshore employers and offshore jobs seekers and help them to find each other. Usually most of the services that such web sites provide are free of charge, but they do have premium services that are paid and available only to premium users.

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