All about Offshore Drilling Jobs: Salaries & Working Conditions

by Michael Pinker on December 24, 2009

Offshore Jobs VacanciesUsually people refer by offshore jobs to employment opportunities in oil and gas extraction sectors. This is where workers get a great opportunity to use their physical strength and energy in real life. People usually start developing their careers in this sector by working on onshore oil fields and only after few years move to more sophisticated offshore industry. Once employees get their skills and expertise onshore, then they are eligible to move to higher-paying offshore career opportunities.

Offshore jobs applicants are required to be absolutely healthy and moreover be in excellent physical condition. In exchange these types of jobs provide much adventure and remuneration that is considerably higher than in any other industry. It is noteworthy that number of people looking for jobs in oil and gas production sector is much lower than number of people required. This also contributes to the high salaries that are available in this industry.

Entry-level offshore jobs are usually in oil production sector. By oil production people usually mean drilling and extraction of oil from the ground or from the sea.

Offshore jobs provide most of the elements of a good job: job security, exciting career and opportunity to grow. This sector is open to the individuals of any profession even to musicians, doctors and artists.

There are different rumors circulating about offshore jobs, such as employer will make you work to death. It is important to realize that working offshore is quite hard task, but if you are healthy and physically in a good condition, you shall not have any problems while working.

You should realize that offshore career is not suitable for everyone. It involves being away from home for weeks, or even for months. Oil rigs are often in the ocean, so workers sometimes have to fulfill their duties in bad weather conditions and dangerous working conditions.

On the other hand offshore jobs have some features that make them highly attractive for potential applicants: good food, clean and comfortable rooms, and good promotion opportunities.

Entry-level positions for those who do not possess any prior experience in oil extraction sector start at the salary from $40,000 to $60,000 a year (from $700 to $1,000 per week). In addition workers work only six month per year.

Applicant must be in excellent physical condition. Before hiring applicants are required to pass physical examination including X-ray. Sometimes they are even required to take drug test.

Minimum required age is 18. Average age for offshore workers is 27.

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