Preparing CV for Offshore Jobs

by Michael Pinker on November 29, 2009

Offshore Jobs FinderMany people would like to get an offshore job at an oil rig. Most of these people are attracted by the high salary that offshore jobs offer. It is important to realize that offshore industry is quite specific and offshore employers rarely announce vacancies on popular jobs websites. Therefore you need a certain approach to find high-income offshore job for yourself.

In fact finding offshore jobs is not as difficult and complicated as it seems. Good contacts in oil drilling industry or past experience in this sector can greatly help you in this, but if you do not possess any of these, you may need help from qualified professionals.

One way to get employed is to gather contact information of offshore employers from the Internet and send them your CV. This method has serious disadvantages. It is tiring and time-consuming. You need to look up for each employer one by one and create a database of you contacts.

I recommend you to use easier and less time-consuming way for finding offshore jobs. This is website. My friend actually used the service and managed to get employed in three weeks.

Under free membership helps you prepare your CV in a way to meet offshore employers’ standards and also gives you an opportunity to publish you CV on this website as a separate page.

Under premium membership you get wider opportunities. Once you prepare your CV, you can send it to more than 1,200 offshore employers. The contact detail of each employer is regularly checked and updated, so that you won’t come across dead e-mail address or abandoned telephone number.

With you can even choose a country you want to work in and send your CV only to those employers that work in that area. For instance, my friend Greg chose to apply only for Nigerian offshore jobs and his CV was sent only to 178 employers instead of all 1,200. He received 7 responses and eventually got hired under very favorable terms as Roustabout at the oil rig in Nigeria.

Before using premium service I highly recommend you to spend some time on modifying your CV to suit demands of employers. Your CV needs to “stands out from crowd”, so use’s free service efficiently.

The service that website provides is quite rare in the net. It will save you a lot of time and energy that you would spend on looking for offshore jobs, if you chose to apply by your own means. If you are interested in this service

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Elliot Clark – writer, scholar, freelancer. Author of number of papers on offshore industry and employment

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