Contacting Offshore Employers, Oil Rig Recruitment

by Michael Pinker on January 10, 2010

Offshore Job Vacancies Offshore JobsMany people dream about moving into offshore industry and get an offshore job that pays considerably higher salary than any other onshore job of the same character would pay. In reality it is not that difficult to get an offshore job. An experience in oil extraction sector or good contacts can help in this, but if you still can not succeed with this, then you may want to get some tips.

First of all, the cheapest, simplest and less time-consuming method is to use services of an online employment agency that helps its customers to find offshore jobs. I personally recommend you to use this web site. My friend had very good experience with it. What is does, is that it helps you to prepare CV (for free) and sends your CV to up to 2,000 offshore employers around the world (premium service). You can easily choose those countries and employers you want to work for. For instance, my friend succeeded with chose offshore employers in Nigeria and consequently his CV was sent to 178 employers. Within a week he received 7 responses and eventually got hired under very favorable terms. While using this web site, it is important to ensure that your CV really “stands out from crowd”; therefore you need to spend some time modifying and developing your CV.

Secondly, to find an offshore job, you can use services of small employment agencies that are composed of current or former offshore workers that assist people to find employment opportunities in the offshore oil industry. They use their industry contacts and industry knowledge and this significantly increases the chance of getting hired, especially at an entry-level position. It is noteworthy that this method is much more expensive than the first method.

At last, do not stop at offshore employment agencies. Offshore employers try to reach large pool of potential applicants, therefore they usually post announcements about their job openings at several jobs sites. So as long as you modify your CV to meet requirements that offshore employers ask for also visit a few such sites and apply for announced vacancy directly. This will increase your chances to get employed at your offshore dream job.

Taking into consideration the tips that are put forward in this article can save you a lot of time and energy that you would otherwise spend on looking for the “starting point”; therefore use the knowledge of others and avoid the typical mistakes that offshore job seekers usually make.

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